Message from the Chairman

LATIF SHOE was solely established by me in the year 1972, and since then has grown to become a leading provider of exceptional footwear for the entire family with customer service that is amongst the best. This unique shoe store is a symbol of hard work and occasional hardships to pursue my passion to offer customers with genuine, beautifully crafted shoes from the UK, France and Germany.

I must here place on record my grateful appreciation to Mr. Hussain Al Shamlan who wholeheartedly supported me first as a shop floor salesman, to the sole proprietor of the Latif Shoe Company. Having faced huge competition in the market and succeeded, certain facets of the company remain the same – quality will never be compromised for profit, fashion will never be overlooked for cost! In times of adversity, I have managed to sustain and maintain the tradition of this family business. Today I can proudly say that the Latif Shoe Company can be considered as one of the leading footwear company in the region, providing a range of products that are world class.

My company’s philosophy can be defined in simple words – complete customer satisfaction. My own family, especially my two sons who are as passionate about this business as I am, have undergone the same training and traditional practices to ensure that Latif Shoe continues to thrive. Simply by offering all our customers the best value for money. From a small cubicle of yesteryears, today we have expanded and escalated this shoe business to almost ten branches. Each branches well looked after by eighty staff members who contribute efficiently towards the growth and success of our business. The company has an ambitious expansion plan in accordance with my vision.

I warmly welcome each and every one of you to our website and to be a part of this unique, customer oriented shoe company.

Mr. Abdul Latif Al Aujan
Chairman & Founder

About us

We take great care to ensure that we provide quality products that are not just looking great but are extremely comfortable as well. Our selection process makes certain that we deliver brands that are not only well known, but resonate with quality and stylish craftsmanship! Our line of products comes from all over Europe, Brazil, and various other parts of the world.


To become the largest footwear retailer within the region. By offering a wide range of the latest, fashionable and highest quality footwear, that caters to individuals, families and corporate needs. All at reasonable prices to foster brand loyalty amongst our customers.


To serve our customers, and to create total customer satisfaction by providing them the finest footwear products and accessories.


  • Quality and Standards
  • Total Customer Satisfaction
  • Exceptional Service
  • Professionalism


  • Hands-on approach of management
  • Sourcing expertise and strong supplier network
  • Professional, in-depth knowledge of market trends
  • International brands/products at competitive prices


LATIF SHOE, the first shoe shop company was established in 1972 by Mr. Abdul Latif Khalid Al Aujan and his one steadfast supporter Mr. Hussain Al Shamlan, who played a significant role to bring the Latif Shoe Company into the limelight.

Latif Shoe Shop, from its very inception until now showcases its shoes without boxes and this has made a huge impact amongst its customers. Latif Shoe was always unique for it only sold shoes made in the UK and originals imported from France and Germany, which were in fashion.

Mr. Al Aujan, a humble, simple individual, who graduated from the UK was so passionate about his shoe shop that he cultivated and maintained close relationships with his customers by catering to all their needs and offering them levels of service seldom seen. This has made him a businessman of extremely high repute within the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Latif Shoe, at the onset occupied just a fraction of the current premises in Bab Al Bahrain. Since then the company has progressed and expanded to ten branches in Bahrain and one in Saudi Arabia, while another branch opening shortly, making a total of twelve branches. This has been made possible only through the sheer hard work and dedication of Mr. Al Aujan and his family, by never compromising on quality even through trying times.

Latif Shoe set the bench mark as a footwear company over 40 years ago, while maintaining the traditions and culture of the Arabic business community. Today, his US educated sons, and Khalifa and Aziz, are carrying the legacy of Mr. Al Aujan forward, as they share his passion and commitment to both the business and total customer satisfaction.

Latif Shoe, popularly known as the House of International Brands, continues to serve generations of customers and remains a part of Bahrain’s national heritage.


A. Lateef Khalid AlAujan
Chairman of the Board
Khalid A. AlAujan
Vice Chairman of the Group
Khalifa A. AlAujan
Managing Director of Latif Shoe
Mohammed A. AlAujan
Legal Affairs & Credit Account Manager
Abdulaziz A. AlAujan
Product Specialist:
VIP / Corporate Sales & Relations
Abdulla A. AlAujan
Procurement & Fleet Manager


Managing Director
Raju Jacob
Manager: Projects & Business Development
Abdulaziz A. Latif AlAujan
Product Specialist:
VIP / Corporate Sales & Relations
Arun Gopinath
Manager: Assistant Operations
Eardly Fernando
Manager: Merchandising
Job C Antony
Manager: Retail/Wholesale


Retail fashion and footwear

  • - Latif Shoe

    Began operations in 1972 as a unique retail store offering some of the best international brands. Latif Shoe was the first store offering a multinational concept in Bahrain, by introducing luxurious British brands.

    It all began at Bab Al Bahrain's Al Khalifa Avenue. Since then, spurred on by its success Latif Shoe continues to offer top-notch brands, making it the reputable 'House of international footwear brands'.

  • - Latif Shoe Select

    "Elegance is the only beauty that never fades" - Audrey Hepburn

    A new concept that refines fashion, Latif Shoe Select offers bespoke, elegant brands for those who seek perfection! Inspired by the elegance of these brands, the concept of the store is to create a sense of 'The Worlds Premium Brand' that offers customers footwear that is much more refined and luxurious.

    This stand-alone store aims to cater to a higher niche market that looks for quality craftsmanship and materials. It offers nothing but the best and exclusive shoe brands.

    Shoe brands associated with Latif Shoe Select have an expressive, yet dignified presence that speaks volumes.

  • - Latino

    Latino came to life in 2007, with the idea to create a one-of-a-kind brand that lays emphasis on quality and style.

    Latino, derived from the original name 'Latif' is designed and manufactured in various factories across the globe.

    Created using a sense of innovation, this is the in-house brand of Latif Shoe.

    Latino has been developed in-house at Latif shoe and has a catchy tagline - For a Lifetime.

    The brand offers top quality footwear for men and women, besides, handbags and accessories.

  • - Piccadilly

    Piccadilly is a well-known brand with a presence in over 90 countries. The story of its success lies in the fact that Piccadilly has the knowledge and traditions that has allowed the company to design high-end footwear since 1955.

    The Piccadilly brand, which is a franchise, has been success story with all the working and non-working women in Bahrain, seeking absolute comfort in their shoes.

  • - Milli Fiorie

    Mille Fiori is a women footwear and accessories brand which caters high quality women footwear, casual bags, party handbags, wallets, coin purse etc... Special category of shoes like foldable roll up shoes are a specialty in the product group.

    The name Mille Fiori is a Italian word "mille"(thousand) and "fiori" (flowers).

    In-house brand that has been designed for women who love fashion and quality with high-end European styles in footwear, handbags and accessories.

    Mille Fiori evening bags and bangles are beautifully handcrafted by skilled craftsmen. The gorgeous bags are made of leather and silk and embellished with hand cut Austrian crystals and Japanese beads, making them unique, elegant and special. The bangles are also carefully handcrafted with hand cut Austrian crystals, making them a masterpiece.

    Mille Fiori merchandise gives a custom statement to every woman, from romantics to the hardcore, each genre of woman will love. The brand is now a synonym for handmade, high quality statement pieces for the fashion savvy, modern woman who relishes to stand out from the crowd.

    Quality, style and luxury combine to make every Mille Fiori product a unique piece of art.

    Today, Mille Fiori becomes a complete luxury lifestyle brand.

  • - The Barbican Collection

    An in-house accessory brand with a history of serving customers in Bahrain. This brand has been revived with a new range of accessories to further enhance lives of our valuable customers.

    The collections of Barbican include walking stick, cufflinks, men wallets, socks, invisible socks and belts etc...

    The vast range of products under the brand makes it a very unique accessory brand. Innovative designs and attractive range of products, manufactured with high quality makes barbican collections unique from other brands.

Retail and whole sale

This department serves the market by providing products that have great value at affordable prices. It caters to customers through hypermarkets, supermarkets, medium and small-scale retailers, amongst others.

- Silver:

Was founded in 1992 and remained family owned. specialist manufacture of silver branded shoe care products since the foundation, recently developed silver professional line with the aim of having a brand recognized world wide as the premium shoe care range.

Silver professional offers a sophisticated shoe care for the fashion conscious consumers who demand latest designs and products. thus, the high quality range packaged for a massive visual appeal.

Besides, our life style dictates quick and easy solutions to maintain our shoes. Each category of silver professional puts emphasis on convenience to generate a solution for the consumer.

Well-cared shoes enhances your perceived elegance. Enjoy your privilege with silver shoe care.

We are the sole distributors for Silver Shoe Care products in Bahrain. We offer a wide range of options when it come to shoe care products.

- Waikiki:

An in-house brand that has been a part of Latif Shoe for many years now. It has a range of great value footwear and accessories.

Focusing to every consumer's , Waikiki aims to serve with affordable value foot wear and accessories product through hypermarkets, supermarket's, and department stores .

B2B and VIP

- B2B:

This department has a long history of serving ministries, hospitals, schools, Airlines and a number of large corporate houses in the Kingdom. We offer high-quality and comfortable shoes and accessories tailor made to the client requirements.

- VIP:

This department aims to serve our elite customers by ensuring the required styles as asked for by the client is made available at the location of their choice, from our high-end concept Latif Shoe Select outlet.